WS7 Data modelling, processing and integration for the knowledge and valorisation of Cultural Heritage in urban area

Salvatore Piro, Gianfranco Morelli, Gianluca Catanzariti

This session is devoted to the updated geological and geophysical methods developed to study the characterization, the protection and the valorisation of archaeological and historical sites, contained in the urban territories of major cities or small historical centres. As known geophyical prospection can give a lot of a-priori information over potential archaeological sites and historical buildings. These non-destructive approaches have been widely used by archaeologists and geophysicists since about 60 years. This session will address advances in new and novel approaches to acquisition, instrumentation, processing, interpretation, including high-resolution tomographic techniiques. Case histories are also sought, particularly those demostrating the role of geological and geophysical studies in improving the effectiveness of a comprehensive archaeological and historical problems.

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