Social events and amenities

Ice breaker party
The Ice breaker will be an effective and informal way to kick off the 43rd CAA 2015 SIENA “KEEP THE REVOLUTION GOING”.  All delegates are invited to participate in the event to enjoy the hospitality of the University of Siena in the Chiostro of the San Francesco’s church.
Location: Chiostro di San Francesco
Time/Date: 30th March 2015, 20:00 – 22:00
Booking: Yes (see registration form)
Cost: Free (Included in the registration fee)











Duomo tour
The heart of  art, history and tradition of Siena, the Duomo of Siena whose impressive mass rises in harmony with  the  square, constitutes one of the most illustrious examples of Romanesque-Gothic cathedrals in Italy. According to tradition, the current cathedral took the place of an early church dedicated to Mary, built around the XI century on the site of an earlier temple dedicated to Minerva. Although not documented,  it is believed that the building was consecrated in 1179 in the presence of pope Alessandro III Bandinelli from Siena, following the peace treaty signed with the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick I, known as Barbarossa.
Location/meeting point: Duomo of Siena
Time/Date: 31st March 2015, 19:00
Max: 150 person
Booking: Yes (see registration form)
Cost: Free (included in the registration fee)


Social dinner

Location/meeting point: Rocca Salimbeni
Time/Date: 1st April 2015, 20:30
Booking: Yes (see registration form)
Cost: 80 €




City hiking
Inside the walls walking in-between the city and the countryside. This itinerary will give you a general idea of Siena, showing how the countryside and urban areas live together – a trip among the little picturesque streets, the Justice Gate, and the Follonica valley.
Location/meeting point: Conference venue (in fort of the main gate).
Time/Date: 2nd April 2015, 20:00
Max: 150 person
Booking: Yes (see registration form)
Cost: Free (included in the registration fee)

Visit to the Accademia Musicale Chigiana
Palazzo Chigi Saracini is the home of the Accademia Musicale Chigiana. Those who enter can learn the history of some of the most prestigious aristocratic families of Siena through the artifacts held there. They will be able to admire one of the most important private collections, compiled by Galgano Saracini, who – with great taste and insight – put together between the end of the 18th and the first decades of the 19th centuries paintings, marble and terracotta statues, bas-reliefs, porcelain, chinoiserie, valuable creations in ivory, wood and semiprecious gems, as well as a ceramics collection from one of the most noted Italian schools of the 16th and 17th centuries, creating a unique art gallery.
Location/meeting point: Piazza del Campo
Time/Date: 2nd April 2015, 19.15
Min-Max: 15 – 25 person
Booking: Yes (see registration form)
Cost: 10 €


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