7C Replication: from the past to the digital age

Michael Ann Bevivino

This session will focus on the theme of ‘replication’.

The creation of replicas is an ancient tradition, but the study of copies and replicas is often shunned by the academic community in favour of ‘genuine’ artefacts and heritage objects. The recent advancement of new technologies such as laser scanning, structure from motion (SFM) and 3D printing has led to a revival of interest in replicas and renewed discussions on the value of the ‘original’ versus the copy.

This session will look at different modes of replication currently being employed by archaeologists and heritage professionals, and will address such questions as:

  • How can advanced technologies, such as laser scanning and other 3d documentation techniques, add to our understanding of historical replicas produced in the nineteenth century and earlier?
  • How can the creation of replicas using modern techniques add to our interpretation of cultural heritage?
  • Can modern forms of replication improve accessibility to archaeology and heritage to bothe academics and the general public?
  • Can historical replicas be used in conjunction with modern scan data to perform analysis on the deterioration and erosion of cultural heritage objects?

It is hoped that this session will provide a multidisciplinary forum for those working in this field, and an opportunity to present and discuss new ideas in this area.

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