5G How to reveal geographic relations in Databases on cultural heritage

Michael Märker, Espen Uleberg, Volker Hochschild, Mieko Matsumoto

Asa follow up of the last CAA in Paris, we will in this session like to bringtogether scientists working on different issues of geographic relations ofcultural heritage and archaeological data stored in Databases. This will comprisethe technical prerequisites of DB-systems such as interface solutions that passgeographic, geodetic, and 3D data to visualization tools (e.g. Postgis). It willinclude tools and interfaces like web based portrayal services, GIS systems,etc. that allow datavisualization. An important aspect will be to discuss toolsallowing for the spatial assessment of data in terms of spatial descriptivestatistics and modelling. Open source solutions will be focused and we wouldlike to show some application examples in order to give an overview of state ofthe art solutions. We will also discuss how user requirements can be consideredat an early stage, preferably already in the design of the systems, to guaranteesustainability and acceptability of the targeted user. Here questions ofvisualization versus interaction might be focused.

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