4B New trends in 3D Archaeology: Innovative techniques and methodologies for the acquisition, retrieval and analysis of cultural heritage

Diego Jimenez

This session aims to provide a forum for introducing and discussing innovative techniques, methodologies and good practices for the acquisition, retrieval, analysis and documentation of three dimensional digital models of archaeological sites, sculptures and artifacts. Papers may be focused on improving the state of the art in the use, archiving, processing, publication and printing of models, as well as providing specific suggestions for further research in the area of 3D archaeology. Papers could also present techniques that reveal new information on objects of great cultural significance, propose new metadata schema for 3D models, discuss best practices in handling uncertainty, flesh out how best to satisfy the London Charter´s requirement that our modeling paradata be recorded and published, compare different approaches to 3D data acquisition, retrieval and analysis, or present and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of 3D rendering engines.

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