Workshop guidelines

Workshops are held on the same place of the confernece on March 30. Workshops are half day led by an expert, or team of experts, and intended to provide hands-on participation in, usually, highly technical training. Specific registration requirements are described under each workshop listing in the program.

Please be aware of all requirements and limits to registration (by emailing the workshop chair; do not email local organizer). Some workshops may require participants to bring their own laptops, or may require the downloading and installation of specific software.


Workshops list

  1. Predictive Techniques for 3D Data Augmentation in Cultural Heritage – Theoharis Theoharis
  2. The Use of 3D GIS Platforms for Intra-Site Investigation in Archaeology – Nicolò dell’Unto
  3. Hands-On Archaeological Conceptual Modelling 2 – Cesar Gonzalez-Perez
  4. 3DHOP – Presenting online high-res 3D models: a crash course – Marco Callieri
  5. Introduction to exploratory network analysis for archaeologists using Visone – Daniel Weidele
  6. Storytelling from the earth – Giuliano De Felice 
  7. Data modelling, processing and integration for the knowledge and valorisation of Cultural Heritage in urban area – Salvatore Piro
  8. First steps in agent-based modelling with Netlogo – Iza Romanowska
  9. Improving Presentation Skills – Philip Verhagen 
  10. Ha(r)ckeology: an hacking approach to open archaeology – Gabriele Gattiglia
  11. UAV Photogrammetry for archeology and Survey: a state of the art – Renato Saleri
  12. Reconstructing Ancient Landscape in the Cloud – Sofia Pescarin
  13. Data, information and knowledge visualisation : issues and feedbacks – Jean-Yves Blaise

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