WS12 Reconstructing Ancient Landscape in the Cloud

The reconstruction of ancient landscape is a simulation process which requires the work of different professionals coming from different fields. Typically archaeologists, paleo-botanists, geologists, environmental experts, 3d modelers, photogrammetrists, historians, etc. needs to work together in the same shared digital space. This digital space has certain requirements, such as the geospatial and 3d dimensions. In the past, several pilot projects and studies have explored the potentiality of cooperative environments for research, teaching and communication purposes. In this session we aim at presenting and discussing about on line cooperative environments, from two different perspectives:

1. applications developed on this topic (the question will be: what has been done and experimented recently in the field of on line cooperative environments and cloud services?). Examples of on line collaborative creation of 3d territories, connected with digital libraries, will be demonstrated.

2. analysis from a cognitive and social perspective of the needs and requirements (the question in this case will be: in order to reach an effective research and reconstruction work, what researchers do, what do they need? to reach an effective knowledge increase which are best strategies to follow?

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