Special Needs

The town is built on an hill and for this reason there are a lot of up and down. The accessibility into the city is strictly prohibited to cars unless you are willing to pay around 40.00 Euros per days for parking in it! Instead disables with authorized badge are allowed to enter the city, just thanks to this special permit for visiting it. Many sites in Siena are accessible and some of impediments have been solved by direct intervention of the relative authority or simply for adaptation of the area. For more information www.accessibleitalianholiday.com

The city of Siena pays particular attention to disabled persons in different aspects: from means of transport, to cinemas, theatres, museums and moreover it offers a lot of possibilities about accessible tourism.

Accessible University

The university of the studies in Siena has an office to welcome disabled persons: the Reception Disabled Office attends the organization and the realization of services of assistance that has offered the university in order to facilitate the integration of disabled students and to guarantee the correct relationships with university structures and the whole teaching staff and not. The set piece of this office is represented by a wide net of collaborators, students and objectors, all motivated to organize events in order to remove all obstacles: physical, cultural, architectural or psychological that can impede the full participation to the university life.


Working Hours: Mon-Sat 9.00-13.00
Via Sallustio Bandini, 25 – 53100 – Siena
Tel: +39-0577 232038 – Fax: +39-0577 232042
E-mail: uffdisabili@unisi.it
Disabled Office Web site

Accessible Tourism

To travel for disabled tourist involves often a lot of difficulties, because of structures and means of transport are not equipped with facilitated accesses and they don’t give assistance to disabled persons. But this is not the case of Tuscany and of the city and communes of Siena that offer a large number of possibilities. For further info you are pleased to contact uffdisabili@unisi.it

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