8B Urban Digital-Scapes: Computer application to the study of past urban developments

Sorin Hermon, Hanna Stöger 

Research into past urban environments requires large-scale analyses, with multiple factors to be considered, relying on powerful computer resources. As such, many of the existing projects regarding computer applications in urban studies reflect limitations, often focusing on simplistic approaches to 3D modeling, GIS analyses, or Space Syntax applications. Given the continuous developments in computer sciences, architectural studies, and spatial analyses, we envision the implementation of such technological and methodological advancements into archaeological research.

We propose a session to discuss innovative aspects of computer applications to the research of past urban environments, which may include, computer simulations of past urban development, 3D reconstructions of urban environments, large-scale analyses of urban social and cultural phenomena, etc. We are aiming at creating an “urban dialogue’ between various approaches to the analysis and reconstruction of the past built environment, including innovative Building information Modeling applications in Archaeology, 3D, GIS, landscapes and cultural-scapes.

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