7B New Cultural Heritage economies in the digital era

Augusto Palombini

During the last years, the spread of completely new hardware devices (3D printers,UAVs, new generation sensors, etc.), the evolution of existing digitising techniques (low cost photogrammetry and scanners), and the diffusion of social-based new commercial tools for fostering projects (crowdfunding platforms, social network advertising) have completely changed the general frame in which archaeologists, museum curators and cultural heritage professionals work. Nevertheless, a scarce specific attention has been paid so far to the new economic perspectives that can be open thanks to such innovations.

New business models and job positions will be possible thanks to availability of an appropriate know-how and of devices whose costs have drastically lowered. it will imply the chance, for small institutions, enterprises and even groups of students, to start specific projects or to perform new kind of merchandising.

These approaches will need the definition of new paradigms in many fields, such as property rights models and copyright policies, but will also open new perspectives of innovative, knowledge-based economy.

The workshop will discuss such topics, analyzing particularly interesting case studies, mainly focussing on crowdfunding successful projects and their features, but also taking into account any kind of new shaped initiative which will result original and innovation driving.

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